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Who needs wings when you can Bounce! Guide "Dillo the Armadillo" through colorful worlds and smash everything in your path. It's fast and frantic bouncing fun; how far can you go?

Grab small stars with the paddle for big bonuses! Snag big stars for awesome new powers that will help Dillo Bash even more! New worlds are revealed as you gain new powers - explore them all! Play to unlock new abilities, then mix and match any four to find your winning combination--over 11,000 combinations of power-ups to choose from!

What's under the Random Rainbow star? Catch it and find out - you just might get a power you've never seen before!

Created By

Michael Burford
Peter Burford
Shawn MacAulay

Music and Sounds


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Shawn MacAulay as Dillo the Armadillo
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