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Camera For iPad (and iPod touch too)

Setup And Connecting

Firstly, make sure "Camera for iPad" (or "Camera for iPod touch") is installed onto both the iPhone and iPad/iPod touch. Then start it running on both at about the same time. NOT the regular "Camera" on your iPhone, you need to run the "Camera for iPad" app on the iPhone.

If you have purchased Camera for iPad on one device, the App Store will let you download it onto other devices for free. The buttons in the App Store still say "Buy" (which is confusing) but after you pick to buy you will get a message like this saying you will redownload the app for free.

For best results, you should have the iPhone and iPod touch/iPad on the same WiFi wireless network. That will give the best speeds, and connects faster. If no WiFi is available, it will use Bluetooth which works anywhere; but is slower.

When the app starts, it will search for another device to connect with. It can take a few seconds for them to find each other.

Once one has found the other, it will show it in a list. In the list, tap the other iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

If a WiFi connection can be made, these Bluetooth connecting prompts may disappear at any time.

When you do have a WiFi connection available, changing the Settings on both devices (the gear icon) to set the Network Type to WiFi often can improve performance.

The other device will show an "Accept" prompt after a few seconds. Pick Accept to start the connection and open the camera!

Help! Connection Problems...

If they have trouble finding each other, click Cancel and then wait a few seconds before tapping the Connect button. If you are near a computer that has a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, it can help to more farther away before trying to connect.

If you've been trying to Connect from the list (as shown in the 2nd picture) on only one of the two devices, try from the other. IE, if you've been trying to connect only from the iPad to an iPhone; try to connect from the iPhone to the iPad.

Make sure all the devices have the newest iPhone OS.


The two devices need to stay pretty close to each other to transfer--Bluetooth is limited to 20 feet or so. The WiFi connections have much greater range, 100 feet indoors, and even more outside.

Pinch to expand the image on the iPad, or slide to rotate the view too.

On the iPhone, the "Settings" button in the upper right lets you control the photo quality. Lower quality will transfer faster. "Preview" is used for sending the video images. "Photo" is for when you take the full size picture. Photos are still not fast to transfer, because they are saved with a higher quality at the full iPhone camera resolution!

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