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Match-3 puzzles combined with Chess.

Pawn'd combines the strategic thinking and unique moves of chess with fun, gem-shattering, puzzle-game action. Each piece has simple but unique moves inspired by chess and perfected for match-game action.

Several modes of game play provide unique challenges. Can you break the poisoned piece in a just a few moves? How long can you keep playing while finding only matches of 4 or more? Tired of deep thought? Try matching as many pieces as you can before time runs out!

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Pawn'd Great Reviews

Nominated in the TouchArcade Forums as Game of the Week!

Dozens of Glowing 5-Star Ratings and Reviews!

"Bejeweled has just been PAWN'D" - Lord Gek

"Gameplay: 5/5" - The-App-Shack.com

"Pawn'd is a match 3 game that aims to make things a little bit different, and it succeeds
greatly." - AppChronicles.com

"An absolute must buy for fans of chess games, match-3 games, or fans of innovative genre
blending games." - Examiner.com

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